We offer a number of ministries and services to help you serve God, grow in his word, and and stay connected with your church family at Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.   We encourage you to be prayerful as you decide where you will plug into ministry.  Some of our Ministries and services are...
Usher Board

For more information about our Usher Board Ministries, please call our chairperson at (585)235-5967.  Usher Board meets on Wednesday at 5pm in the main sanctuary.

Stewardship Ministry

Whatdoyouthinkofwhen you see that word? Many of us think immediately of money. We recall that time in our congregation’s life when we are asked to make a financial commitment for the coming year. At some level, however, we are aware that stewardship is more than money.Stewardshipishowwelive out our calling as followers of Christ. Stewardship iswhatwedoafterwesay that we believe. 

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Property Management Ministry

Meets every 4th Wednesday of the month. Next meeting is February 27, 2019 at 4pm in the TPEC Fellowship Hall.

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Young Women and Mother's Missions


Trinity Emmanuel’s Church & Community Ministry is sponsoring a new Women & Mothers Ministry.  This Ministry is to help guide young women and Mother’s with children to a more healthy, productive, and secure life-style.  This Ministry wants young women and young mothers to know that they are God’s children, and whatever their dreams, they can come true, they just need the right tools, to get where they want to go. Believing it God, and believing in their own power within will set them on the right path.  Come join us on on the 3rd Saturdays of each month from 1-3pm at Trinity Emmanuel’s Fellowship hall, 793 Jefferson Avenue.  Our guest speaker for this month will be Vanessa Ortiz, from Employment Connections.  See flyer attached for further information.

Choir Ministry

We have just obtained a new Choir Director and rehearsals have not be decided on yet. Please check back.

The Food Pantry has been
postponed until further notice.  For a Listing of Food Panties, call 211.   Thank you!